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.A blog of the latest real estate news, information and properties in the Philippines. Filipinos or not, use this as a guide on how to make make a real estate purchase or rental in the Philippines. We will also feature real estate properties worth checking out. Properties like Alabang, Fort Bonifacio Global City, Makati, Ayala Alabang, Laguna, Tagaytay, Batangas, and Boracay.

A Need for a Partnership between Real Estate and Tourism Sector

Haven't you noticed? A lot of Filipinos are travelling nowadays. - not just outside the country but to the provinces as well.  A good sign for our local tourism. More money circulating. More locals with work. New places discovered. No need to travel abroad just to have a relaxing vacation. 

With the demand for local tourism, expect tourism-related business to increase . This is where real estate comes in.   According to  CREBA, (Chamber of Real Estate Builders Association) sixty (60%) percent of the real estate in the country is tourism-related.  These real estate-based projects include leisure, entertainment, business and vacation facilities and aenities, such as hotels, resorts, theme parks, retirement communities conference,   exhibition and convention centers, and wellness and medical centers for a growing global medical tourism market.  

Still the number of  tourists in the Philippines pales in comparison to other Asian countries like Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia.  With the awareness now of how our tourism contributes to the economy of our country, it is time to build tourism related projects that are globally competitive. One cannot depend on the government to do everything. The private sector has to take the initiative to achieve this. I think we ought to make our own contribution here. How? Get into a tourism business.  To start we have to find a place for that business. 

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