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BUYING A PROPERTY? How to handle multiple real estate brokers



By: Chona Esguerra


    In our last article, we discussed handling of brokers for the sellers. This time let me share with you the guidelines for the buyers. Please note that this was done in collaboration with some veteran brokers who are reputable for being fair and just.


QUALIFY BROKERS. Don’t just accept when somebody says they are a broker. Ask for their PRC ID or get their PRC No. and full name and check them at the PRC website (  This is for your protection as PRC has their full name, photos, address and number. Being PRC registered protects you should there be a problem with the said broker later on. It is a law requirement that brokers be licensed and registered with PRC as there are penalties involved otherwise as mentioned in my earlier articles.  Just remember a true licensed real estate broker wouldn’t be offended or be defensive should they be asked for their PRC ID. Should they claim to be under a certain broker, they should still have a PRC ID as accredited agent. Otherwise, you are dealing with a colorum.


Heard stories of a buyer trusting somebody who claims to be a broker. Since she is a first time home buyer, she trusted this so called broker, gave the payment for a property and never saw that person again. Buyer beware!


PROPERTY SHOWN INSIDE. Accept the property listing only from brokers who were able bring you inside the property. Viewing from outside is not counted until they show the inside. Note who showed it first to avoid duplication.


SAME PROPERTY. If you saw the same property earlier thru another broker, inform the current broker showing it. Do not give the exact address to the broker what you saw earlier as a sign of respect to the other broker who showed it first. Street Name will be fine if required to.


PROPERTY ONLINE.   If you saw a particular property online from a broker, get it from the online broker as they worked hard in posting this online. Make arrangement to view.  Ask the online broker to viber or email you the front view of the house to make sure you won’t accept viewing of the same property from another broker during tripping even if they brought you there first. If there is no front photos shared, then that is the risk the online broker has to take should another broker brought you inside the same property.


OFFER ON THE PROPERTY. Only make the formal offer to the broker who showed you the property first even if you decide to make an offer to the property one year later. Give the broker the courtesy to ask if this property is still available at such a price. Never go straight to the owner if there are people who worked hard in showing you this property. Respect and courtesy are important in this business as it gives good karma.


BROKER’S TRUST. If a broker gives you their full trust with regards to the name of the owner, contact number and full property details, please return that trust by going back to that broker as a sign of respect and courtesy.


MAKING PAYMENT - It is the broker’s job to do due diligence on the property you are interested in before making payment.  This means the broker has to get documents from owner, verify it with the Register of Deeds and furnish you a copy. After checking if the documents are in order, you can now proceed with the payment.


Do you want a stress-free and smooth transaction for your property? Strictly practice these guidelines and you will have a conflict free transaction. Whenever you are in a situation and you don’t know what to do, always ask yourself what is the right thing to do and you will get the correct one.  Just be honest.


CHONA ESGUERRA is a licensed real estate broker with vast experience in the field.  She is a member of PAREB – Muntinlupa Real Estate Board. A village resident. Her email:


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